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3. Acknowledge and Treat Gene Over-expression

Unless you acknowledge the fact of gene over-expression, you will ignore the most potent tools to treat the cacophony of metabolic errors that is Trisomy 21. Understanding gene over-expression gives us a focus for our research, and it provides suggestions for supplemental nutrients and drugs to ameliorate the imbalance. Continue reading

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Long term negative outcomes of vitamin therapy

For today I want to look at the danger of long term negative outcomes of supplementation.

My daughter Mary (15) has been taking Nutrivene-D for 12 years. Mine is not a very large study, but I do have some results. I have seen side effects, and I’m afraid these might not be reversible. Here are a few of the most worrisome. Continue reading

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Just a waste of cash! part 2

Hey, Miriam, you said you had more about that research on antioxidants in Down syndrome. Well? Yes, I do have some more to explain. I want to talk about folinic acid. Is that like the folic acid that is in … Continue reading

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Just a waste of cash!

The antioxidant and folinic acid mix which was studied by the ICH group was not the “£25″ product at all. Nutrivene-D has 54 separate nutrients, MSB-Plus has a similar formula. The formula used by the ICH project included only selenium 10 µg, zinc 5 mg, vitamin A 0.9 mg, vitamin E 100 mg, vitamin C 50 mg, and folinic acid 0.1 mg. So it seems that we have a group who studied one formula, and then went to the news media and made negative claims about a vastly different formula. Continue reading

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But I give my kid Flinstones

Flinstones, Centrum, or other mass marketed vitamin?  Why isn’t that good enough for a person with Down syndrome?  There is a reason, and it has to do with that ol’ triplicated chromosome.  This morning I uploaded an old rant from … Continue reading

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