God, Do You Care?

by Miriam Kauk

This article was first written as a letter to some parents of children with Down Syndrome. I would really rather sit down over a cup of coffee and just open my Bible and talk with someone in person, but obviously that might be very difficult to manage. My theologian husband could write this in a much more straightforward manner, but I’m afraid that I’ll just have to meander through various Bible passages, and attempt to explain how I understand them. I do not pretend that this article is exhaustive on what the Bible says about Down syndrome, but I hope it will provide a starting place for those who want to know what God says on the subject.

Coffee cups

Our Mary was born with Down syndrome in November of 1992. I had not had any prenatal testing (intentionally), so we had no previous emotional preparation for our little baby’s condition. The day had been emotionally and physically exhausting. At the end of the day I was alone, finally, and finally had my Bible which my husband had brought from home. He had gone home to our older children. I needed to meet with God. I desperately needed to know what God had to say about Down syndrome. I started flipping around in the Bible. Where in the Bible would I find what I needed? Psalms? Psalms was usually so full of comfort, but it seemed so dry that night. I flipped around some more. I couldn’t recall anything ever in the Bible about this.

So in desperation I went back to where I had left off the day before in my regular daily reading. Exodus. Now, I was sure there would be nothing in Exodus that related to my need that evening. After all, Exodus is all about plagues, and golden calves, and the Ten Commandments. But I had to read somewhere. That evening I started in Exodus chapter four. I only read eleven verses, and I was stunned at what I was reading. There it was, the most definitive passage in the Bible on physical disabilities, and it was waiting for me in my daily reading!

inspiration bulletHere’s the situation. Moses is at the burning bush. God wants him to go to Pharaoh, and Moses begins making excuses. “Then Moses said to the Lord, “Please, Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither recently, nor in time past, nor since Thou hast spoken to Thy servant; for I am slow of speech and slow of tongue.” And the Lord said to him, “Who has made man’s mouth? Or who makes him dumb or deaf, or seeing or blind? Is it not I, the Lord? Now then go, and I, even I, will be with your mouth, and teach you what you are to say.” Exodus 4:10-12

Here the Lord is taking responsibility for a “disability.” And He claimed to have made it that way on purpose! My Mary was not a genetic “accident.” She was designed that way by God. But the real exciting thing is that God doesn’t see dumbness, or blindness or deafness as a disability at all. He couldn’t see any reason that Moses’ speech impediment should stop him. God promised to not only be with him, but to teach his mouth what to say. Moses’ success in life did not depend on his own skills, but on the God who would be with him.

To apply this to Down syndrome, God made Mary just the way she is, with her Trisomy 21 and all. And He could be saying to her, “Now go, and I, even I will be with your brain and will teach you what you need to understand.” Mary’s success in life does not depend on her own skills, but on the God who will be with her.

Micah 6:8 says, “And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” There is nothing here that would prevent a person with Down syndrome from being fully a success in God’s eyes. So, my job with Mary, (and with all my children), is not to prepare her to become a “productive member of society”, but to teach her about justice, and kindness, and how to walk humbly with her God.

Does The Bible Say More About Sickness?

The Bible has more to say about sickness, including Down syndrome. I hope this will give you hope that the God of the universe cares about you, and really does want to have a personal relationship with you. If you don’t already know Him, I hope you will understand how to begin a relationship with Him. One of the major issues parents of a child with Down syndrome face was succinctly stated by one mom in a letter to me. She wrote:

“I have had so many people ask me how I can believe that God had his hand on my daughter when she has Down syndrome. If His hand was there, why does she have Down syndrome? Why wouldn’t He have taken it away or not let it be there in the first place? Why would God give a child a disability? Why would God make a child go through all of the turmoil and trials and ridicule they go through from being different?”.

There are two levels of answer to this. First I will discuss why any person has any sickness or disability, and then I will show some passages from the Bible that answer why one particular person had a particular sickness or disability.

Why Does Any Person Have Sickness?

So, why is there sickness in the world? Why does anybody ever get sick? Why would a loving God allow sickness? Why? Because of sin. When God created the world there was no sickness and there was no death. It was His loving plan that the man and woman He created would never be sick, and never die. He gave them just one tiny rule: don’t eat from the fruit of this one tree or you will die. (Genesis chapter 2 and 3) Our first ancestors, Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden tree, and death entered the world. That death was applied not just to them, but to all of their descendants, (us). “Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned.” Romans 5:12

Romans 8 says that this death applies not only to people but to also to all of creation. “Creation was subjected to futility. . .creation itself will be set free from its slavery to corruption. . . the whole creation groans and suffers. . .” Romans 8:18-22

We are all affected. The moment we are born into the world, we begin to die. The cumulative effects of damaged DNA, toxins in our fallen world, and a host of other things work away on our bodies and we all eventually die. Sickness is the beginning of the process of death. It is caused because we, people, are sinners.

It may not seem fair that I get sick and am going to die because of Adam’s sin, but it didn’t take me long in this life before I had my own sin as well. And that “death penalty” is just as sure for my own sin as it was for Adam’s sin.

The good news of course is that God has not just left us alone to die. In His love, He immediately inaugurated a plan to solve the problem of death that Adam and Eve started. That plan was completed, finally, when God himself became a man and died voluntarily on a cross, to pay the death penalty for us that we each deserved to pay. He then rose from the dead to demonstrate his power over death. The Bible says, “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life, in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23) I deserve death, but God offers me a free gift: eternal life.

When Jesus came, he paid the penalty that I deserved for my sin. “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8. And more than that, He took in His body the sickness of the world, so that we could eventually be healed forever from sickness. “But He was pierced through for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him, and by His scourging we are healed…But the Lord has caused the iniquity of us all to fall on Him.” Isaiah 53:5-6

So, the reason that anyone has any sickness is because of the sin that besets us all and even all of creation. Sin has brought sickness and death on the whole world. Yet God has provided forgiveness for our sin, and made his own Son take in his body the penalty for all of our sin and provide eventually for healing of all sickness and an end to all death.

Why This Child With This Disease?

Ok, so we all share in sickness to some extent, and we all share death equally, but it does seem hard that some people have what seems to be more difficult sicknesses or disabilities. Why?

The disciples of Jesus asked this question in John 9:1-3. They pointed out a man born blind, and asked, “Who sinned, the man or his parents?” This is a common response to personal suffering, this thinking that I am somehow being punished by God. If someone is sick, surely they must have done something wrong! There is plenty of evidence of this in Scripture, after all the Bible says we reap what we sow. So did this man sow some sin and therefore reap this blindness?

inspiration bulletI corresponded with a mother who had a newborn with Down syndrome. She felt guilty for his Down syndrome. She realized his condition had made her draw immensely closer to God and therefore felt responsible for it. Maybe God had afflicted her son, just to get her attention and get her to draw closer to Him. Maybe it was all her fault. If she had just been more spiritual in the first place, then her son wouldn’t have this sickness.

I pointed out this passage to that mom. Surely the blind man’s mother wasn’t as close as possible to God. Who is? But what did Jesus say was the reason for the blindness? He says that it had nothing to do with either the sin of the man or the sin of the parents. But the man was blind so that everyone could see Jesus heal him! God wanted to be glorified, and so he made the man blind so that the world would know that Jesus had the power to heal. As the now-healed man declared to the Pharisees, “If this man were not from God, He could do nothing” (verse 33). What a role in life! To help the world identify the Savior! That’s even worth being blind over.

God wants to be glorified, and some sickness is used by God to glorify Himself by healing the sickness. But sometimes He gets His glory another way. Look at 2 Corinthians chapter 12. Paul tells of an unspecified “thorn in the flesh” that buffets him. He has prayed for healing. Three times he has prayed for healing. Surely God would be glorified by healing him. But this time God wants to show another kind of power. Sure, He can heal. But He can also work through a weak man. And that is His answer to Paul. He says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9.   So Paul decides to boast about his weaknesses, just so that folks will see Christ’s power working in him.

This was essentially the same as God’s response to Moses in Exodus 4. If God used a man who was “slow of speech and slow of tongue” to free the Hebrew people from slavery, then everyone would know that it was not Moses’ eloquence that did it, but God’s power!

With Down syndrome, I have never heard of God showing his glory by changing anyone’s chromosomes, though I’m sure He could if He chose to. But He sure is getting glory through recent research into the unique genetics of Trisomy 21. An awful lot of people are taking a close look at biochemistry, who would never have had an interest in it. And it is biochemistry, more than any other branch of science that declares that we are the result of intelligent design rather than chance evolution. The more people look at the incredible complexity of the cell, and the incredible complexity of the various biochemical pathways, the more they will be forced to conclude that “we are fearfully and wonderfully made” and give praise to our Maker.

For years God has gotten glory through the simple faith and simple love of those with Down syndrome. And He will get glory as we parents trust Him in our weaknesses, and as we use the so called “tragedy” of Down syndrome to share with others His love and desire to have a relationship with them. One of my responses to Mary’s situation is to be looking for ways to glorify God through it.

The first thing to do is to evaluate your own relationship with God. Do you yet have a relationship with God? Have you come to the place in your spiritual life where you know for sure that if you died today you would go to heaven? You can know for sure.

Resurrection and LifeWhen Jesus died on the cross it was to bridge the gulf that separates us from God, the gulf caused by our sin, and make a way for us to come to God. He said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by me.”

By trusting in Him to take your sins, and receiving that free gift of eternal life, you come into a relationship with God. And God will begin to change your life in ways that will glorify himself. If you don’t know God, then that is His greatest desire for you, and probably the first result he wants from this child that he has given you.But then the next thing is for you to begin looking for ways to glorify God through the life of your child. This will make life exciting!

33 Responses to God, Do You Care?

  1. Meg says:

    Wow! Excellent, uplifting article filled with inspirations that never occured to me. As a mom of nine ( the youngest with DS ), I’ve always felt blessed and humbled by this great gift…never saddened. Thank you for another, wonderful perspective!!!


  2. rose edmunds says:

    many years of serving God and even Confessed to Doctors that God is able to give me a child withno DS.Prophesies upon prophesies were given regarding the birth of my son .he says if our our wicked fathers are able to give us good gifts he can give the best.Today am in pain because even the doctors laughed at me when Joshua was born.Did l make a mistake to confess in a God of impossibilities.l am in pain bcoz of what am going thro, my baby has to use tube to feed,need oxygen ,am in a hard situation and in too much pain to think God allowed this to happen to me.


  3. Dear Rose,
    I am so sorry for you pain. Less than four years ago I was in your shoes. I believed God would never give me a child with DS because I trusted Him and submitted my womb/family planning to Him. He would only give me “good gifts”. When my son was born, I was in shock/confusion/despair.
    Little did I know what was in store for me. I soon began to see that God HAD given me his best gift! Through this child, my (and my entire famiyl’s) mind/spirit has been transformed and renewed. Joel is a beautiful, gifted person! He has a capacity for love and faith that I can only hope for. He has touched so many hearts and drawn people closer to God because of the way he is. I can honestly say that I feel so BLESSED to have been chosen to have him. I love him so much!!!! God’s ways are so much higher than mine!!!
    Don’t listen to the doctors, and don’t listen to the world. LIsten to God – Ps. 139:14; Jer 1:5-8;I Sam 16:7;Rom 12:1-2; Is 55:9;Ps 126:6; Ps 127:3 IPeter 5: 6-7; Ps 22:9; Ps 62:5; Matt 14:27; etc. etc. etc. Your son is not a mistake. He is perfect, and full of God-given potential!!!
    I believe the greatest moment in history was when Jesus submitted to God’s will in the garden of Gethsemane. We always think of the cross and the resurrection, which are AWESOME indeed, but there never would have been a cross and a resurrection if Jesus had not submitted to “not my will but thine.” Try to submit and trust that the Lord knows what is best for you, even though things look very dark and impossible now. I KNOW that soon your heart/spirit will explode with joy as you see the hand of God working in the life of your new son, and in your life and the lives of others because of your new son.
    The Lord has blessed you and He will keep you!



  4. Anne Haroun says:

    Dear Rose,

    Don’t worry about the doctors laughing. Just love your child intensely with the love of God and the love of your mother’s heart. Perhaps in our minds the testimony to the doctors would have been God answering your prayers and having your child be born free of Down Syndrome. I believe with all of my heart that the GREATER testimony is that you would be humble and take care of your son cheerfully and lovingly, and face those professionals with a big smile and with confidence that God has a far greater purpose than we could ever realize.

    The comments I get from doctors about how much I love and care for my son and how positive I am about him have shown me that I really am being a great testimony in spite of how I feel. We don’t see how we shine in our day to day lives as we are faithful, but others DO see it!!

    Let the Lord wash away your hurt and walk with confidence.

    I prayed for a perfect, healthy child. When our son was born, and laid in my arms for the first time, I said to my husband, “Honey I am worried about Downs” because his neck looked thick. My husband said, “He is our gift from God no matter what package he has come to us in.”

    This is a wonderful verse:

    “Every good and perfect gift comes to us from above from the Father of Light in whom there is no variableness or shadow of changing.”

    Much Love Affection and Hugs, Annie


  5. Tina says:

    Rose, I can only imagine how hard this must be for you. How sad that the world has led us to believe that it is a curse for any child to have DS; that they themselves are inferior as is their quality of life. But God sees what man cannot. Realizing that children are a gift from Him, and every good & perfect gift comes from the Father above, we must put these 2 statements together in that our child with DS is indeed a good & perfect gift – in God’s eyes. I pray that He does for you what He has done for many…as you gaze into the face of your child, that God will transform your sight into His. That you will see how *perfect* your child is. After giving birth to a daughter with ancephaly, it was hard to believe she was perfect. Certainly not by the world’s standards. But with her imperfections and that she was here for a short time, what was the purpose? I’m not sure! But I don’t have to know. I have to trust Him. I have to take that one step at a time with Him. I have to believe He loves me so much that each of my children is indeed a gift – however different they are. Again, my prayer is that through your pain, you are able to see His blessings and that He has not forsaken you – or your son.


  6. Pam says:

    Those doctors who laughed have no heart.
    You have given birth to a child who is all heart and hugs and kisses. May your love for your Joshua be seen in the way Jesus said when he told His disciples: Love one another and in this way will others see Me.
    I pray for peace for you Rose, that God is in control of your situation. Psalm 138 says “I will accomplish that which concerns you”. He is certainly the God Who Sees and Cares.

    Much love and blessings to you Rose


  7. Ali :) says:

    Hi Rose….
    I’m so sorry you are hurting so much. I remember a deep anguish when my son was born. We didn’t expect a child with Down’s. They took him from me and his first days were in the ICU.

    But I want to encourage you. In between writing to you my four year old son with Down’s keeps beckoning me to him to pick him up and waltz together while he smiles and laughs. He is sooooo cute and such a joy and gift.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that our little sweet ones with DS can be very vulnerable in the beginning of their lives with health issues of many kinds. But I’ve observed that so often as you reach the milestones of one, two and three years you see the light of hope and joy shining brighter… the child strengthens and thrives. So often once they have reached a little bit older age they are doing so much better.

    I also encourage you to pursue natural healthful remedies whenever possible. It can make a huge difference. We have seen this firsthand. The Einstein Site and List can be a great resource for you. You are not alone!!!! God can bring others along side you to help. :)

    Sending you big kisses from my little guy that God helped through the ICU and who know dons a Pooh Bear outfit and drinks from his Veggie Tale cup and who gives the BEST hugs in the world. You have alot of blessings in store.

    Praying for you and yours, Ali & fam XO


  8. Beth says:

    Dear Rose,

    Congratulations! I remember those emotions and feelings even though it was almost four years ago. I had one blood test which indicated a possiblity but my husband and I thought “God won’t do this to us.” After all we were sacrificing and serving Him overseas. No, rather he allowed, Miss K to be born into our family.

    In our case, he told us, watch how I am going to work in her life. At two days old she had stomach surgery and then 2 weeks old heart surgery. When I was pregnant, we had switched doctors and that meant switching hospitals. The new hospital had a great NICU and the other hospital didn’t have a NICU. Her hospital stay with everything cost us just $330. Then we had a PT that donated her time to us for 2 years. There are so many blessings and ways that God shows he cares. We left the island 2 years ago and moved to a new city still overseas. I knew that to find any services in English I would have to travel 1 1/2 hours one way. But God provided in my little village in the middle of banana trees and mountains a speech therapist who is American.

    God knew what he was doing. This did not take him by surprise.

    Today, just a few weeks away from turning 4, Miss K is speaking both English and Chinese, walking running, knows her colours, can count, and beginning to read.

    God is good. He does give us good gifts. Praying for you.



  9. Leigh says:

    I have a baby with DS and a feeding tube too! Feel free to email me if you want some DS or g-tube support! I wouldn’t trade my Danika for all the love or money in the world! Of my 3 children, she is my easiest, and the most fun. She is our family’s angel, and she is perfect the way God made her!

    Educating people about the wonders of our children with Down Syndrome is now a big part of my life – see my web page on MySpace at: http://www.myspace.com/downsyndromeproject

    I know someday soon you will see the many wonders God has given you in your own beautiful child :-)


  10. Priscilla Kendrick says:

    A little over 12 years ago when my Evan was born with Down syndrome, spina bifida, a club foot and 3 holes in his heart, I started “informing” God of what had happened to me and it seemed He said to me, “This is no surprise to me. I’ve known it for awhile.” That kinda rocked me back since I had already had 8 “perfect” kids including beautiful identical twin girls born just 18 months before this. THEN I had left the hospital triumphantly with two “perfect” identical babies in my arms. But now, I was leaving with no baby –he got to stay in the hospital for weeks. I could not help but contrast that same wheelchair ride out of the hospital 18 months before with this.

    When leaving the delivery room, I asked God “Why all these things wrong? Wouldn’t one of them have been enough?” And God’s Word came into my mind as clearly as could be even though I had never memorized this passage: “My strength is made perfect in weakness” and “My grace is sufficient.”

    We love our little worlds to be neat and orderly and nice and to be without trouble and problems but . . . this world is pretty much designed to be a problem for us –a world with sin in it is going to be a problem for all. We bear the consequences of the sins of man daily. We all have something wrong with us since none of us are perfect. Evan is possibly as perfect or more perfect than the rest of us in God’s eyes. We really must look at things from an eternal perspective if we can. This life is a test and it is short. Eternity will be forever and we need to ask ourselves, “Will this matter 100 years from now? How about 1000 years? How about 1,000,000 years from now?” Evan’s Down syndrome is possibly small in the grand scheme of things although admittedly great to us. People who have been thru problems develop more character than others and I guess that’s why God designed this world for us.

    I really could not begin to tell what a blessing Evan is to our family. The other eight siblings would probably all tell you Evan is their favorite sibling. He is the favorite person at many gatherings as you can tell by how people respond to him. Yes, he has his problems but love, joy and happiness shine from his little face. He brightens the day of all he sees. He has taught us many things and we have taught him many. It is God’s will for Evan to be and He has a plan for Evan. I have never felt that is was God’s will (yet) for Evan to be healed of his down syndrome –God has just never quite let me pray that way although I have wished it with all my heart. When I pray for Evan I pray that God’s Will be done in His life and in his health and I pray that God will help me to know everything I need to know to help him and that He will give me wisdom that direction. I pray that we can give Evan the best life possible and if it would be God’s will for Evan to be healed that he will be. I have hope of that eventually, if not in the here and now, then in the forever.

    Meanwhile the world and God are looking onward seeing what we will do with this obstacle of down syndrome in our path. We all on this earth are in a test, a battle, a race, if you will. How will we rate when it’s all over? How we measure up in eternity is more important than the Down syndrome.

    When something like this takes us by surprise we have to get up, start accepting it, and then start making the best of whatever situation the good Lord has given to us. Read God’s Word. There you will find answers and help and most of all, Truth. It can help you pick yourself up and get started on taking care of this huge blessing God has given you.


  11. helen ash says:

    rose, you are allowed to be angry, you are allowed to express your thoughts and feelings. your anger defends and hides your fears. fear. you are allowed to blame others if you want to.
    i did. i never wanted to see his eyes open because of the striking visible presence of tri21. that is what i told myself. truth is. i didn’t want daniel to see me and my pain at his mere existence.
    from my fear i needed to learn. oh my, i have learned, so much…and will continue to learn more tomorow, next week, next year……
    thinking of you and reflecting back 3 years ago when my daniel was in intensive care, tube fed, oxygen, saturation levels, hot cot……..alone.


  12. robin says:

    You are not alone Rose. I felt the same way, especially early on. I even thought of giving her up for adoption because I felt like she deserved a stronger advocate then myself or my husband. I can tell you that all of these initial medical issues are likely to pass. My daughter also had a feeding tube and that was pretty painful for me. She had many surgeries early on, including heart surgery, and too many hospital visits to count. I had big plans of breast feeding, camping, relationships with her cousins, preschool and all around typical events I had to grieve about because it wasn’t going to happen like I thought. I think it was John Lennon that said, ‘life is what happens while your making other plans.” Man is that true! It is so much to take in and so much to learn. I cried a lot in the first few years and still do from time to time. But lately (she is now 6 years old) I have felt much more pride and joy. I’m seeing all the effort we (she) has put forth acutaly paying off. She has an average IQ (i have the papers to prove it!), she takes dance classes, is going to camps with typical kids and talks to me about all of these things. Do I worry? All of the time! Do I still get sad? Yes, especially when she is trying to make friends and other children act as if they don’t want to be. Mostly, I feel, that I was picked to be her mama and I’m very proud to be. We were just on TV this past weekend, promoting the crusade for children. If your interested the link is as follows….


    Keep your chin up Rose. Sometimes the most difficult things turn out to be the most rewarding and fulfilling in our lives!


  13. Colleen says:

    I totally agree with your take on scripture and the reason for sickness, disease, extra chromosomes. I wanted to add that I have heard of God healing Trisomy 21 and even met a man healed of Trisomy 21. God was glorified in his healing. His name is Davi Silva–he is from Brazil and is now a worship minister. The Lord has not yet healed my children of Type 1 diabetes(2 daughters) or Down syndrome(son). Yet, I know He can at any moment. I also know His grace is sufficient and I will praise Him for everything in our lives.

    mom of 6 gifts from God


  14. Denise McKnight says:

    Dear Rose, I taught kindergarten in a Christian school for (14) yrs. During that time I worked with autistic children. I wanted them in my class room when other people didn`t. There were other children with disabilities and I worked with them as well. I had not worked with a downs child until I transfered into a public school in my area. My first (job) I call it my calling from God, was a little downs girl in first grade. Carson was the delight of my life. I could not love her any less than I did my own children.I told Carson`s parents that I thought I loved her more than I did my own. We had such a wonderful time together. I worked with her for 2 and a half years, and enjoyed every day that we had together. Her classmates adored her, and were always ready to help her in anyway they could.I know that we all want to have normal children, but what is normal anyway? We are all different, God planned it that way. God knows best, and he knows what is best for us. I am so thankful that God allowed me to go to a school where I can work with children with special needs. I need to be needed, my children are grown. These precious children fill that need for me, and I in turn help them with their`s. Either way it spells LOVE, and that`s what makes the world go round. We are made in His-God`s likness and image the Bible says. God says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that my soul knoweth . Don`t dispare over you little one Rose, God has a plan for her. Trust in Him and his wisdom, and read His word. God Bless You, Denise Mcknight


  15. Sara says:

    Simply beautiful. What an blessing to my heart reading this.
    God is so good.


  16. Huey Lin says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I was looking for “cross” pictures and I found your website :) Although I’m 20years old and do not have a baby (yet), It’s very encouraging.. as just now I was discouraged that I shared a bit of gospel with my mom but she wasn’t giving any positive feedback. I’ll definitely share with my mom again :) May GOD bless your family! :)

    Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us,
    Ephesians 3:20


  17. Thank you for writing this. I have been struggling for sometime now. My oldest son was diagnosed with ADHD, and is suspected to have Asperger’s Syndrome, Middle daughter has kidney/bladder issues and my youngest son ,we/school thinks, has some type of autistic spectrum disorder. I have a friend with a downs syndrome child and she and I were talking about healing the other night. She is trusting God for complete healing. My spirit was convicted by her faith. While I believe with ALL my heart God can and still does heal, I wondered it he has ever “healed” a child with a disability. I went home that night and spoke with my husband and prayed about it. I felt a peace come over me that maybe these aren’t things we need to be healed from all the time. Maybe it is who we are. I suffer from my own issues and can attest that God is made strong in my weakness. Children with disabilities are all different and have many different personalities, each with strengths and weaknesses. I have often wondered if the world decides “this person is different, so something must be wrong”! What if God made my boys a certain way to spark creativity into the world, I don’t know. Right now I know God has His hand on my children and He has a purpose and a plan. The plan I may not know, but He knows. I am trusting in Jesus. Thank you for studying the Word and sharing it with the rest of us. You are already allowing God to use this to His glory. May God bless you and your precious family.


  18. Carolyn says:

    Wow. This is just so awesome.
    Rose – I have been there too. It is a hard thing to accept that your child has a disability.
    Our 6 month old daughter was diagnosed with DS at 4 weeks of age. She was 9 weeks prem.
    To tell the truth, the hardest thing I faced was the belief that this child was the way she is because I didn’t have the faith for her to be healed. This was something that was not only put on me by myself, but by ‘well-meaning’ christians also. I have been told that I need to ask God for the faith to believe for her healing. But, the question is, is that what He is asking of me? Is it not best for me to seek out His will, rather than to try and conjure (for this is what it is) up the ‘faith’ for what I want?
    Another thought I have had – Adam must have had incredible intelligence. He named all the animals in one day, after all. It has been proven that we only use about 10% of our brain capacity. I believe this is a result of the Fall. Taking this a step further – aren’t we all suffering from a major intellectual disability? If by faith our DS kids should be healed, shouldn’t we all be ‘healed’ to the point of using 100% of our brain capacity? Just a thought….


  19. toto and trisha says:

    hi! may 18 god gave us Rayya Martina. she has down syndrome. A beautiful girl given by God. Unfortunately she is to undergo a heart surgery and another surgery to correct imperforated anus . I wish that she is allowed to live through this. My wife and I have fallen in love with her already. thank you for the comfort. we are not questioning God. But we are requesting that He allows us to take care of Rayya Martina. That Rayya Martina would have a chance at life. And that us a parents would try to guide her with the good and the bad life has to offer. We are not perfect examples but we are up to the challenge if He allows us. With His guidance we could make it… your prayers would be greatly appreciated. regards


  20. Anne says:

    Hi Moms & Dads
    Yes, we too have a son with DS and God he is a greater joy than all my possessions combined! If God allieviates or eliminates the side effects of DS great- but He forms in the womb – and He knows what He is doing! Rose, be strong and confident. You have God’s attention. Sometimes we misunderstand God – so what – we grow in humility. It will be ok. My husband and I offered to adopt another baby who was to be born of an unwed mom in a crisis pregnancy. The baby had DS. Do you know within 48 hours 25 families offered to adopt that baby????? We stepped aside because we have three children. I’d adopt another baby with DS in A MINUTE!!!! Love to all – JESUS IS LORD – Anne


  21. Ketra&Ke'Marion says:

    Dear Writer, this article was outstanding, uplifting, refreshing,,,etc. just so many words. I am 25, a single mother of a 5 year old son with down syndrome. You know I hear of certain spiritual uplifting all the time, and i do listen. Maybe i needed to read it. I honestly have a different approach with disabilities aswell as my son. I used to get so frustrated in trying to teach him, because im like how could this be so hard. It took some time to realize that maybe he dont understand or not the way i do. I used to feel punished. so many thoughts and negative at that. You helped me se the positive part. And I for one with the help of God, want and plan to continue to look at the positive side. Stop worrying what others think. I had a couple of relationships that ended due to my mate having no understanding no experience and no maturity. They even made jokes. this and other incidents would make me cry all the time and constantly im asking God why. I now know that God makes no mistakes. And I can look at it like he wants me closer to him because after having Ke’Marion I began to get closer; or he pick me to be the mother of a child with down syndrome. However or whatever, Im glad. Im proud. I dont even know why i was even stressed over my son because through it all I love him. I just wish he was surrounded by real family members that love him as i do instead of looking at him in question. I needed this whole ;passage. Thankyou. And may God Bless you and other readers. Even bless those who are seeing negative and still neg after reading this article. There is no way you couldnt be moved after this. Makes me wanna pick up a bible too.


  22. David Rieke says:

    Maybe you would be interested to know that my brother was not born with a mental disability, but he became mentally and physically disabled at the age of three. Mark was stung many times by ground bees when he stepped in their nest and suffered a severe and rare reaction to their stings. My dad ran over to Mark when he realized what was happening. He wrapped Mark in a blanket and ran with him away from the nest, but it was too late. In a single day Mark went from being a healthy little boy to losing his bright mind and almost all his motor skills.

    He went back to crawling on his belly, and he learned to walk again at about seven years old. Today Mark is 50 years old. Mark still can’t read, tell time or count money. He really mustn’t try to walk down a stairway without holding onto something, and he tends to spill things.

    But this isn’t really a sad story. As young adults my dad and mom felt pretty independent and sure of themselves. They felt no real need for God in their lives. Then Mark got stung. In their shaken condition, Dad and Mom turned to the gospel of Christ and became Christians. I’m one and a half years younger than Mark, so all of my memories of Dad and Mom are of them living as devoted Christians. It was only natural for me to become a Christian too when I was old enough to understand spiritual things.

    Today I’m in my 23rd year of pastoral ministry–16 years in a church of 300 wonderful people in Virginia Beach. Sometimes people tell me that our church has changed their lives, and many people have come to know the Lord through our ministry. Mark’s “sacrifice” of health, brought my parents to eternal health, which led to my salvation, which led to… Mark has a piece of every Kingdom success I have ever known, and God will make his sacrifice worth his while. I wonder how many other people will fare as well in eternal rewards as Mark will.

    Incidentally, my parents and Mark served as missionary guest house hosts in Zambia, Africa from 1990-1994. When they came back to the U.S. (Charlotte, NC), Mark got a nice job at Black and Decker and bought his own town house a few blocks from my parents house. He gets most of his dinners with Mom and Dad, but he lives by himself and is loved by everyone.

    As you might guess by my story, I deeply believe in what Miriam is presenting here in her Einstein Syndrome website.


  23. Kim says:

    What an inspiration all of you are. I’m at a loss for words. I have 4 children, which none have DS, but reading the scriptures you present and your viewpoints have really opened up my eyes to things I never realized or had the understanding for. HE is AMAZING!!

    I stumbled upon this message and realized that God was talking to me about issues I needed to address within my family and outside my family… my parents are both deaf and my mother also has Cerebral Palsy.
    Growing up I always worried about my parents spiritual well being.

    Now its been affirmed even more so.

    My dad is now a preacher in a Deaf community. That was why God made him that way. We all have our gifts… my dads was deafness…. my mom’s was both deafness and CP… but she was a phenomenal mother and proved the doctors and her family members wrong on many occasions and strongly walks in the LORD and is a shining example to others.

    Those of you with DS children or any child of disabilities… keep in mind… its never our time or our plan…its HIS time…HIS plan. He is never wrong.

    Blessings all


  24. My daughter Nadia is now 3 years old. I prayed for her not to have DS because my son and husband with high IQ’s wouldn’t be able to handle such a child. I didn’t think about God knowing they could handle more than I thought they could.With my son I prayed for him to be highly intelligent but I have seen that doesn’t always bring happiness or kindness. My daughter is a happy, kind child so the prayers I prayed for her have been answered.

    My biggest question for God in her having DS has been how could she be made to suffer. I realize now that she is not suffering. What ever she needs will be provided for her. I now understand that these children before they were born agreed to come to this world with DS to teach the rest of us the valuable lessons of what is really important in this life: love, laughter, hope, smiles, patience, living in the moment, ect. All these thing a child with DS is born knowing….but more intelligent people have problems ( delays) in learning.Its our careless comments that bring these children pain not their extra chromosome. I’ve learned more in the past three years than I know I would of in the rest of my life with out Nadia. She and the others with DS are a true blessing to the world.


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  26. lucy esther says:

    mine is a question, what happens if you loose the battle in the complcations caused by ds and your child dies..?

    my baby died 3 months ago today, out of a heart complication at 7 months after 4 months of hospitilisation.she suffered so much before that.
    i have been a christian since 1992.
    this experience has left me v.bitter and havent gone to church since then and frankly i dnt even want to pray.i feel so let down by God.


  27. Barbara says:

    Dear Lucy,
    I am so sorry for your loss and the pain you are feeling. I appreciate your honesty. I do not understand this either, especially the suffering. I don’t believe it was God’s plan or will for her. I only know that the bottom line is that we have to trust the Lord who makes restitution and heals all things. Thankfully your little girl is feeling wonderful now and enjoying an amazing life and she wants you to see her (with no DS and no complications!) and be with her one day, to be just as happy as she is. I pray that you will have the grace to forgive God, knowing that he did not cause her pain but gave your baby a hope and a future. Our life on earth is a drop in the bucket compared to all eternity. I pray that his peace will flood the atmosphere around you right now and take ALL of the pain and hurt away. You are deeply loved and I beleive great things are ahead for you (goodness and mercy will track you down all of your days). You have a destiny to fulfill and we need your part!


  28. Rose Cucksey says:

    My daughter was born 24 years ago…to me she is not “disabled”…to me she is wonderful…she likes to read, and sing and draw…her favorite color is yellow and although her hair is brown (like mine use to be) she has it colored to be like Reba. She loves icecream and her dog Lucky. She loves her nephews (when they do not cry) and oh yeah she has Down Syndrome.

    A government official told me I had to make her move out of the family home at 18 years old and while that was not our plan he devised a plan to make it happen.

    In recent days I have discovered that the law that he used to take her creates bias and limits services to her as a person. I have found laws and other government documents that offer a more inclusive life for her…I have not stopped looking…and so far I find no other law that says because she ‘may’ be developmentally delayed (a paper by Chris Borthwick speaks to this) she is limited to the activities of life and and the services offered by our government.

    Also as a Christian I have the faith to understand that John 9 tells the story of a man freed from the restrictions of the old Testament of ‘you reap what you sow’ to freedom by Gods grace in the new Testament of healing through the acceptance of His presence. When I was told that my daughter had Downs Syndrome I never faultered…I took is as another facet of who my child would be… a girl, health except for needing heart surgery, brown hair, hazel eyes, creative, and with Downs Syndrome.

    I raised her not as a ‘cripple’ or ‘disabled’ but as a girl, healthy except for the heart surgery, brown hair she eventually colored, hazel eyes that needs glasses and wonderfully talented. When she started school she was taught she was different…when she started school they told her she could not do certain things – so she did not do them at school but continued them at home.

    No to me she is my daughter and I treat her as I would any 24 year old.


  29. Rachel Reynolds says:

    So glad you wrote this. It ministered tome. When my husband and I found out that our only child would be born with Down syndrome we were so scared. We questioned God and I think it affected me much more than my husband. I felt guilt, maybe I had done something to cause this to happen. She is ten years old now and I am so blessed to have this little girl in my life and our families love her beyond measure. She is a joy and a blessing from God, not a curse. God made her just as he wanted her to be.


  30. Brenda Hix says:

    Hi Absolutely love your site. My son Billy 18yrs and has downs. Truly don’t know what I’d do without him. I thank the Lord daily for giving him to me. I thank you for your site and insight into the scripture about Moses speech impediment being a disability and that he was made just the way he wanted him to be, not a genetic accident. I tell Billy often when he is wanting to be a NBA player or a great singer: We all have a gift and Jesus gave him the gift so many others like myself would love to have. He brings a smile and Joy wherever he goes, People know his name, if he’s not with me they say aren’t you Billy’s mom where is he :)He has mastered Charity!!! I had read the scriptures in Exodus but never saw it that way. I always had this nagging dought that maybe I was at fault somehow. I wasn’t saved till 6 years later. I had read where a blemish or defect for use in sacrifice or use at all it seemed, was unacceptable, and it burdened me. I would like to tell you my thoughts and fears, put them into words but I know they were wrong and thank you for helping bring that to light for me.(He is Perfect ) God made him perfect the way he (God) wanted him. Thank You Jesus!!!!! Billy is active in church giving his testimony, singing, and reads his scripture. He will graduate next year . Thank You!


  31. robin says:

    I am truly amazed at the resounding coincidence with all here, that having a child with disabilities that are NOT healed by god, draw people yet closer to him. From the outside looking in, it seems there is really no other choice in a desperate attempt to find peace. There is nothing more difficult or painful for a human to experience than having to raise a child who may need life long support and supervision, or may never speak, or show love. Raising children is difficult when they are “typical,” raising special needs is a whole other world. This path is not for everyone, and I do not understand glorifying god when he does not answer. If he does whatever suits him, good or bad, whether you pray or not, then what is the point of following him ? For what ?
    Perhaps it is truly fear or desperation of worse to come, or nothing else left to do. It seems common to find excuses why god will not heal- I have seen such severely disabled children that are simply “alive” and nothing more. They cannot speak, eat, see, move etc. They need multiple surgeries because their bodies grow misshapen. What is the reason for that suffering? What happiness lies in that life? I don’t mean to seem cruelly negative but life is very difficult even if it is normal. If the disability is too great, life itself is the cruelest gift.


  32. Miriam Kauk says:

    Robin, your thoughts are interesting. I’ve taken the liberty of posting your comment here to see of any of the parents there would want to reply.


  33. 1peep says:

    Wow! I really find these testimonies very inspiring. I don’t have DS nor am I the parent of a child with it. However, I do have Asperger’s Syndrome. It is not extreme enough that I would be in Special-Ed or anything like that, but it is present enough to make me feel different from everyone else. So I can identify completely with those who have DS. And I have always wondered how God could use me for His kingdom when I don’t have the social skills necessary to do it. But these testimonials have been very encouraging for me. Thank you for helping me to be more aware of how God can and WILL use someone like me to make a difference. And Rose, be encouraged; people with DS are often the best people to know. During my early college years, I made friends with college-aged people in a Special-Ed group, and many had DS. They were some of the best friends I have ever had. They made me feel loved and valued, just for being me. I didn’t have to pretend with them like with other people. God used them to show me His loyal love for me. And God will use your son to do the same for people who feel unlovable. God will use you as a blessing for your son, and God will use your son as a blessing for others. Bring him up with the love of Jesus Christ, and he will show the love of Jesus Christ.


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