Inspiration and Encouragement in Down Syndrome

Having a child with Down Syndrome kinda forces one to face the issue of what really matters in life. What does matter? Parents here share the hope they have found.

John waves while riding Rocky, his horse

The Extra Within

That extra chromosome brings with it more, not less. John has a closeness to God that “normal” people should hope to copy..


Martha’s Story

Tina was delighted when she heard that her baby had Down Syndrome. Read why…the ultrasound, the diagnosis, and what happened after.

God, Do You Care?

This page answers the question, “Why, God?” that is often asked by parents when they learn their child has Down Syndrome. Here parents will find hope, inspiration, and encouragement in dealing with the profoundly spiritual issue of having a child with Down Syndrome.

God’s Plans

Why God? Don’t you care? Where are you? God loves you, and has plans to give you a future and a hope.